Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my trees be pruned?​

For most trees, we recommend pruning 1-2 times per year. However, feel free to call Absolute Property Management for a free consultation on this service!

Why do I need to prune my trees?​

Pruning helps make sure that trees are growing properly, ensuring that even the lower/hidden branches are being hit with sunlight. Pruning can prevent trees from rotting, growing crisscross and causing bigger problems down the road. Don't forget about how having properly pruned and trimmed trees and bushes can increase your property value!

When should I get my tree(s) removed?

  • Mold or fungal growth, which often means your tree is rotten or diseased.
  • Branches that feel squishy and hollow, a sign that your tree is dead or dying.
  • A tree is growing too close to your home or power lines, which could lead to property damage or injury.

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes we do!