Don't Tackle Dangerous Trees Yourself

Don't Tackle Dangerous Trees Yourself

Let the pros take care of your tree removal in Morristown, TN

If you have a dead, dying or overgrown tree on your property in the Morristown, TN area, depend on the pros at Blanchard's Tree Service for an expert tree removal. No matter the size of your tree, we can remove it safely.

Reach out to us now to get a free estimate from a trusted tree removal service. Call 423-200-9008 today!

When should you schedule a tree removal?

When it comes to dangerous trees, don't try to take matters into your own hands. You should contact a tree removal service right away if you notice:

  • Mold or fungal growth, which often means your tree is rotten or diseased.
  • Branches that feel squishy and hollow, a sign that your tree is dead or dying.
  • A tree is growing too close to your home or powerlines, which could lead to property damage or injury.

If you suspect a tree on your Morristown, TN area property might be a hazard, call 423-200-9008 today to schedule a tree removal.